August 9, 2011 in D

By Linette Voller


It was important for us prisoners to have dignity, they said.

Another leaked prison riot with degraded casualties sparked off outrage in the populace, and so GovernCorp stepped in with their solution.  Gleaming incarceration facilities with ground breaking approaches and state of the art techniques.  It wasn’t ground breaking, it was spirit breaking.

Within weeks of the first trial, we were all fitted with the implants, and sure enough, violence disappeared overnight.  We don’t have the capacity, you see.  Seems like they’d learned from the 20th, and electronic lobotomy was the way of the future.  None of the violence, and none of the drooling born of previous techniques.

After a while though they couldn’t justify keeping us in any longer, we were good citizens now, fixed.  In fact some of the most crazed were now giving Zen masters a run for their money.  It seemed like the Corp had shot itself in the foot, as without us prisoners where would all that lovely revenue go?  I don’t think anyone realised until it was too late that the whole world was to become a prison.

It was easy enough to justify the implant for drunk and disorderly cautions, but I still can’t quite believe it was pushed through for all crime.  I suppose with the abhorrence we had for violence after the implant, every minor infraction against a fellow human was a travesty.  Then it was only a matter of time before everyone got one, for the good of the society.

I’m not sure why my implant is partially malfunctioning, and why I can see what nobody else can.  Scrawny, malnourished shadows of people are dying in the street, content in their own excrement, in the state of calmness only achieved by not harming another or imposing their will on another.

I’m hoping that I can find some way to restore these peoples dignity, but I’m not sure I can.





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