The Project
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The Dictionary Of Moments is a project which aims to collect enough micro-fiction to publish a dictionary,  wherein one will look up a word and, in addition to finding its meaning, read a moment of a story inspired by it. 


I've had the privilege of performing some of these stories at storytelling nights around the world and, due to the positive response in the room, decided that this project should be two-fold, a website AND a podcast.


However you found the project, I'm grateful that you're here. Please feel free to share the stories and podcast with your friends and loved ones via your socials and tag #dictionaryofmoments. 


You can support The Dictionary via Patreon in the coming weeks, I am grateful for any support you can offer. 


If you would like to publish dictionary stories in your publication or have any other enquiries, please contact me via E-Mail:




Jason D Geary.