• Jason D Geary


He pulled the oars from the water, small drops rushed off the end in a last desperate effort to re join the body of water from which they had been dragged. Muted thuds told him that the oars had found their haphazard resting place in the bottom of the boat, then silence. He tilted his head back and looked to the stars. From the middle of the lake he could see tens of thousands of stars, burning white, pink and yellow. Beauty above. He let his focus fall soft, took a deep breath, felt his body relax and he gave permission to the stars to dance for him.

Shy at first, they only moved a little. Bit by bit, the stars' confidence grew and soon he was watching a heavenly ballet. Chaos. Order. Everything in between. Tonight sailors across the globe would be lost to the seas, so he could find his truth. Tonight, the sky agreed to be his.

Constellations moved from their resting places to form a woman and a man. The two stood close, they looked longingly toward each other as the stars came to rest. He felt panic rise in his heart, what if these new constellations were doomed to be apart, longing like this for eternity? He took another deep breath, the chill from the fresh water he was drifting on filled his lungs, it chased away the dark fog of panic, it offered clarity. He looked back at the couple in the stars as they began to come together. This time the movement was slower, it was as if the stars themselves were savouring this moment. The couple moved into a warm, comfortable embrace. Each star gave a short sharp pulse at it reached its final resting place, and he found himself looking at a new constellation. A constellation that will defy the ages, inspire lovers and be the muse for poets from this moment forward. He took another deep breath. This time, despite the chill of the air coming off the water around him, he felt warm all over.


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