• Jason D Geary


Isaac sat at the end of the bar scoping the place. He couldn't see her anywhere. Shit. This trail was cold.  He was sure that Leroy had given him false information. Duly noted. Leroy would get what was coming to him.  The careless crack of a tumbler hitting the hollow oak of the bar broke his concentration.  

"Five bucks.” said the Barman.

Isaac cocked an eyebrow and took a sip.

His throat burned, "You're fucking joking me. Five bucks for this shit?"

"Five bucks. Consider it two for the drink and three for the stool rental. Five bucks."

"Daylight robbery."

"It's 7:45 Bub. Not daytime no more.  Five bucks."

Isaac sighed, he dipped his hand into his pocket and threw a fifty on the bar with a photograph  "You can keep it all if you tell me where she is.”

The barman looked at Isaac then over his right shoulder.  Isaac froze as he felt the hard press of a gun muzzle against the small of his back. A familiar female voice said from behind. "Didn’t think to check the ladies room did you?"



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