• Jason D Geary


Leo didn’t skip a beat as he fastidiously taped the wire to Hugo Fortuna’s chest.

“It’s the little kings you gotta watch. The big men in small worlds: Street corner dealers, the club traders.  They’re the dangerous ones. Their kingdoms are so small that the slightest encroachment feels an attack on the throne. On them, personally. They don’t get that its business. That’s why you gotta go in low. Under the radar. They see you coming. You’re dead. They smell a rat. You’re dead. You cross the little men. You’re dead. Now, t hat’s a lot of reasons not to put on this wire. I ain’t forcing you neither. You might feel like you don’t got a choice, but you do. You do. Maybe doin’ time would be better for you. I’ll get you to one of those white-collar joints. Hell, it may be soft, but it’s still a prison. Least out here, you can run if you get made. In there, you’re dead. Relax, you’re doing the right thing. You’re a good person. Good people get good things. Just watch out for the little kings.”

© Jason D Geary

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