• Jason D Geary


She grabbed him by the shoulders and looked deep into his eyes. Instantly he knew what was about to occur. He braced himself as he felt her grip tighten and he brought his hands up to mirror hers. This drew their faces closer together than they had been for days. He resisted the urge to lean in and kiss her, it wasn't the time; instead, he just tightened his fingers to match the pressure he felt from her. He saw her brow raise slightly in a way that said, ‘You better be ready ‘cause I ain’t waiting.’ He was always ready, this was one of his favourite things to do. His smile betrayed the fact, and it was the only signal she needed.

She threw her weight back and simultaneously their hands slid down each others' arms until they were both leaning backwards gripping each other by the wrists. Still. They were in perfect counterbalance. If either let go the other would fall. Neither wanted to, this was just the beginning.

They looked deep into each other's eyes, and they both smiled. With that, they started to spin, slowly at first, then faster and faster, never breaking eye contact, never disconnecting. The world around them became a blur, the only thing in focus was each other. Just how they liked it. Inertia was sucking them further apart, and they felt their grip slipping, they continued to look into each other's eyes, laughed and enjoyed the ride, waiting for the inevitable, painful separation to come.


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