• Jason D Geary


'The apple can be soft and firm, in fact it is best when it is a balance of both, too far one way or too far the other and your experience of it will be ruined.'

He listened to his Master and let the words hang between them. Was this a lunch moment or teaching moment?

He did his best not to screw up his face. He was sick of this bullshit. He came here to train to kill. To become a weapon. All he ever got, ever, was this double speak bullshit. Was he supposed to be the Apple? Was the Apple a metaphor for coming to terms with his feelings? 'Cause he'd never seen a frustrated Apple before, or maybe he had, who the fuck knows? Apples be apples. Great, suddenly he was hungry, and he had a whole day of training ahead.

His master offered him an Apple. He held it out between them on an open palm. Wait. What? Where did he pull that from? Now that he could see an apple he was even more confused. Fuck!




He panicked, was he supposed to take the apple? Eat it? No, The Master was never that obvious. Don't eat the fucking Apple. That's too obvious. It's never the obvious thing. Oh! Slice it with his sword! Soft and* firm, like the grip a blade. Yes! Cut it. Wait. Maybe it is the obvious thing. Maybe that was the lesson. Yes. Don't overthink this. Go with your gut. He took the apple and bit into it hard. The Master bowed his head a tutted, "That was my last apple. Asshole."


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