• Jason D Geary


She sat at the table and stared quizzically straight across it at Spring. She just didn't understand her. She'd tried, but it was tiring. How could anyone be that vibrant all of the time? It looked like it took a lot of energy just to be her. If Spring put half the energy she put into being beautiful into something more meaningful, she could do great things. Autumn never had much to do with Spring, she wasn’t angry about it, they just didn’t really fit.

She turned her head to the right. Summer. Pfffffffft. Summer was hot. Even Autumn thought so. ‘You’re sister’s hot.’ People would say when they found out they were related. They weren’t wrong. However, Autumn noticed darkness in Summer. She could be punishing, if anyone dropped their guard around her, she could destroy them. She could be relentless, Summer would wither her friends and lovers if she stayed with them too long. Autumn felt sad for her sometimes, Summer was the first person people wanted around, and often, the first one they would secretly want to leave. She could be hard work, but to feel that unspoken energy, consistently, must hurt deep down.

Autumn turned her head to her left and looked at Winter, who was sitting slouched over, looking glum. She felt the urge to say 'cheer up' but knew it wouldn't help. Autumn could feel herself slowly turning into Winter, and she hated it. Winter just sat there. All the time. Heavy. Autumn found she spent most of her life trying to stop this slide into becoming like Winter. The parts of her that were like Winter were the worst parts of her. Autumn made a decision to find a way to rise up from the doldrums her sister was dragging her into. Autumn resolved to see the beauty in things that others dismissed. Autumn looked at the world with quiet optimism and an appreciation of change. She liked that about herself. She loved that about herself, it made her smile.

“Wow. Sometimes you look beautiful.” Spring broke the silence, Autumn was surprised. It showed. Noticing, Spring continued, “No, really. I mean you still look kinda gaunt, but there’s this crazy kinda light in you recently, it’s cool.” Autumn blushed. Summer laughed. Winter stared daggers at her.


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