• Jason D Geary


It was approximately 14 feet across the room between them. The house was chock full of people, shoulder to shoulder, laughing, talking, posturing, Lisa Winstead’s party in full flight. Not that it mattered to these two, Olivia didn’t dare look away, and Lucas was transfixed.

Norma Tasgado was talking loudly to a mesmerised group of friends right next to Olivia. She was gracing them with the mortifying tale of the drama that had unfolded the night before. She’d dropped her phone into the toilet, it short-circuited, and FaceTime dialled her ex-boyfriend, the horrified screams were really running the moment for Olivia. Under her breath, she spat “Oh shut up Norma.”

And, Norma did. Mid-sentence. Her friends looked at each other curiously.

Olivia cocked an eyebrow. Luke, who hadn’t heard the conversation or the comment, raised his eyebrow in reply. He figured this flirting was going well. Olivia felt a rush of blood as she looked at him. She decided to test her theory. She whispered, “Touch your face.” And, Luke did. Kinda flirty, well, as flirty a swift wipe of the nose could be.

Olivia lit up. “Shhhhhhhhhhhhhhh.” The entire party went quiet, music and all. No one seemed to notice, the party continued, just in silence. Luke smiled. Olivia, gestured to him, “Come here.” He tipped onto his toes and found himself looking for a path through the silent dance floor between them. “Part.” The people between them parted like the red sea. A clear view of Luke made Olivia catch her breath. He walked to her and stopped close. She reached out her hand, he took it.

“You made this party stop.”

“Wait, you know?”

“Yeah. You did this?” He gestured to the muted masses.

“So, you’re not under my control?” Olivia asked.

“No. I wanted to come over here, ‘cause I think you’re kinda cool. Now that I know you’re actually magic, you’re a little cooler.”

Olivia blushed. “I wasn’t magic until just now. Until I saw you.”

“Really?” He asked with a dumb smile.

“Yeah, really.”


“Cool. Wanna dance?”

Now Luke was blushing. “Yeah, I do.”



Olivia yelled “Clear the floor. Dim the lights, play 2 become 1, Spice Girls.”

They closed their arms awkwardly around each other as the song played, the crowd of people watched them sway together.




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