• Jason D Geary


She sat alone at the centre of the universe. Around her the delicate Clockwork Of Everything was tick, tick, ticking. When she accepted the job of keeping Everything running she thought it may be too much for her. It did seem like an awful lot and she'd never managed an entire universe before, not even part of one. It made her nervous.

However, she'd not anticipated the beauty of seeing Everything interacting all at once. Billions of cogs, spinning clockwise and counter clockwise, each with profound cause and effect as they churned the fabric of the universe beyond. Beautiful.

She heard a squeak from a cog to her left. A protest from it's protagonist in the universe beyond. She forgot how many rotations of this small cog it took for a life to be lived on the other side. Was it 16? 6? Huh. She was sure she knew yesterday. The concerns of her mortal life were already beginning to fade, she could barely remember that just last month she was building shelves, in an office, when she saw the advertisement for this job.

She took her oil can and placed the long delicate spout to the contentious cog. She pumped it twice, pop, pop. The oil looked like a star field. Opaque liquid peppered with brilliant points of light wrapped around the cog and its axel. It protested no longer. She put her oil can down, took a deep breath and hoped that she would never forget that she was looking at Everything, all at once.


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