• Jason D Geary


She watched his eyes dance across the page as he read to her. It was hypnotic, she could barely fathom that this smooth action was turning printed letters into words that made her feel so comfortable. The mechanics were beyond her.

Beyond her.

Beyond here.

She stopped looking at him for the first time in... damn, how long had it been? She'd lost track. She looked around, and she realised this space had a door. She must have come in through it, but when. He felt her mood shift.

"You okay?"

"I think so. Did I come in through there?" She asked.

"Yes, we both did. Together."

"Huh. What's outside then?"

"Time." He said it like it didn't sound odd.

"Time?" She wondered aloud.

"Ya huh. Time."

She looked at the door and then to the walls, they danced with lights rushing past in horizontal streaks. It was beautiful.

"Can we leave?" She heard a hint of panic in her voice.

"Sure. Whenever we want. But we have to leave together. I'll go if you want, though I'd rather stay here."

"Where does it go?"


"To where?"

"To the point in time, we escaped from."

"So we are out of time?" She asked panic pushing again.

"More like outside of time. We are in forever. You said that you wanted to do this forever. So we are."


"No one knows we are gone, if we go back we'll go back to the same point, no one misses us. We are in Forever."

She looked at the walls again, that was time passing by, shining lights rushing past in a rainbow of colours. Objectively, time was dazzling. "We can be here, together, forever."

"Yes, if we want."

She nestled into his chest and sighed, once her focus shifted from the door it seemed to disappear. "Next story please."

He began to read. She could feel the bass from his chest as he spoke. She closed her eyes and smiled. She wanted to stay in Forever, forever.


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