• Jason D Geary


She slapped him hard across the face, it stopped him in his tracks.

“Shut the fuck up. Every second that you waste bouncing off these walls is a second closer to you and me dying, here, in this shit hole. Now listen, I don’t owe you anything. Anything at all. But if you die here, and again, I will let that happen if you don’t get your shit together, my chances of getting off this godforsaken rock get thin. Real thin. So I need you here now. Be. Here. Now. Understand? These motherfuckers are coming for us. All of them. ALL OF THEM are coming here WITH GUNS because of your fucking bullshit. So, when we get out of this I’m going to hurt you. Until then you need to put your back against mine and shoot anything that comes at us from behind. Got it? GOT IT?” She slapped him again. “Got it?”

He blinked then nodded.

She handed him a gun. “Good. Let’s fucking go.”


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