• Jason D Geary


His mouth fell open, he just couldn’t believe it. When? When did she have the time to do this?

Margot had individually vacuum wrapped every single pair of his underpants and repacked them perfectly into his drawer.

It made his heart sing.

He closed it and opened the second drawer down. He felt his mouth transform into a smile. She’d emptied his second drawer, generally filled with an assortment of socks, and replaced them with pictures of his cat, Socksy. These pictures were from his Instagram account called ‘Sexy Socksy’, which always featured pictures of Socksy laying on his back with his legs splayed wide. She had taken the time to add sunglasses and a gold chain to every single one of the pictures before she printed them out. Priceless.

His third drawer down was where he kept his pyjamas, underneath those, his condoms, lube and an assortment of various adult toys, he was both excited and horrified to realise that she’d opened this draw, he’d never told her what was in there.

He reached down and slowly pulled the draw out. His head tilted trying to make sense of it. The drawer was empty except for a single key. He recognised it immediately.

It was hers.

Under it was a simple handwritten note “You want your stuff. Come get it. M. xx”

© Jason D Geary

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