• Jason D Geary


He looked across at her. She smiled back. Beautiful. Big bold eyes that sang joy into his soul. Their fingers intertwined with just the right amount of pressure, firm enough to confirm their connection, loose enough to make it seem effortless. It spoke volumes. He wanted to provide the epilogue.

"Today has been perfect. I can't believe I found you."

She answered in muted tones.

"Pardon?" His brow furrowed. She repeated herself but sounded even further away.

'No. No. Don't wake up.' He said to himself. He looked at her face, her eyes were gone.

'No. No. Not now, please. I only just began to feel comfortable.' He said as he looked down and their hands. Her delicate fingers turned to wisps of light grey smoke, and he felt his hand close into a loose fist.

He looked back across to her face, and it too floated away in ribbons.

'No.' He said softly as he opened his eyes to see the wallpaper of his cheap hotel room. He looked at his hand. He could still feel hers.


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